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By howard fendrich, ap tennis writer
The Associated Press

Serena Williams says it isn't fair that she has been drug-tested more than other American tennis players this year.

"Just test everyone equally," the seven-time Wimbledon champion said Sunday at a pre-tournament news conference.

She was asked about the issue because of a recent report by Deadspin that said Williams had been checked five times in 2018 by June, more than other U.S. women and men in the sport.

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Mom of 'affluenza teen' jailed after failing drug test: Report
Serena Williams' baby daughter ready for Wimbledon

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency spokesman Brad Horn told The Associated Press that the five tests conducted on Williams were a result of three visits from a test collector.

"It is standard practice on many testing missions to obtain both urine and blood samples, resulting in multiple samples from a single testing mission," Horn said.

When you disagree with someone, you have a difference of opinion because you and the other person have different interests, values, needs and intentions. Disagreeing with someone isn’t a bad thing. It can be viewed as positive and functional as well as natural. Disagreement doesn't have to lead to a huge fight. Conflict, on the other hand, is a powerful collision or dispute of needs, values, interests and intentions between two individuals or communities, groups, nations and organizations.


Conflict differs from disagreement because of its outcome, which is usually negative. Sometimes conflict can be constructive rather than destructive and can lead to purposeful disagreement, which results in positive outcomes and better decision making. The way the conflict is managed will determine the outcome.

The Down Side of Conflict

For conflict to exist, the parties must first recognize each other and understand that each party has opposing ideas. Interaction between the parties is required. Conflict, unlike disagreement, is considered unhealthy competition and dysfunctional. It includes distrust, hostility, lack or loss of affinity and suspicion. Conflict happens when needs aren’t met or when a group or a person is seen as obstructing the goals of another group or person. It also entails struggling over resources and power.

Disagreeing and Conflicting

When you disagree with someone, it can end on a positive note. Disagreement forces you to change, be innovative and find better ways of doing things as well as develop new skills and use improved resources. Conflict all too frequently does not result in a positive outcome. The bigger the conflict is, the harder it is to control it, whereas a disagreement can be controlled, explains Doug Hovatter of the University of West Virginia.

How to Disagree

When you are in the midst of a disagreement, you must continue to communicate, but you need to do it in the right manner. Be aware of your voice, its pitch, your tone, the speed at which you are talking and how loud you are talking, and control your nonverbal gestures. Don't get in someone’s face -- in her personal space -- because this is intrusive and will be interpreted as a threat. This behavior will quickly change a disagreement into a conflict.

How People Respond

When faced with conflict, people tend to respond to it based on their understanding of the situation rather than looking at the situation objectively and coming to an unbiased perception. Your reactions and perceptions are the result of your cultural beliefs, your values, gender, experience and the information you have.


If communication is open between the parties, disagreement does not necessarily have to turn into conflict. If the individuals involved in the disagreement like one another, they are less likely to segue into full-blown conflict.


About the Author

Cindi Pearce is a graduate of Ohio University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She completed both the undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the Institute of Children’s Literature. Pearce has been writing professionally for over 30 years.

Photo Credits

Pearce, Cindi. "Differences Between a Conflict a Disagreement." , 26 September 2017.
Pearce, Cindi. (2017, September 26). Differences Between a Conflict a Disagreement. . Retrieved from
Pearce, Cindi. "Differences Between a Conflict a Disagreement" last modified September 26, 2017.
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you won’t need to spend a ton of time memorizing formulas beforehand

Unlike the SAT, the ACT doesn’t give you any formulas on test day, meaning you absolutely must memorize all potential formulas before taking the test. So in short, if you’re concerned you may forget certain formulas, the SAT offers a little more of a crutch than the ACT does.

the ACT doesn’t give you any formulas on test day,

How big of a role will Math play in your final score? The answer to this question depends on whether you're taking the ACT or SAT. On the ACT, Math accounts for one-fourth of your total score (your Math section score is averaged with your other three section scores). On the SAT, however, Math accounts for half of your total score, making it twice as important on the SAT!

one-fourth of your total score half of your total score, making it twice as important on the SAT!

So if math isn’t your strong suit, consider opting for the ACT. With the ACT, a lower Math score won’t negatively affect your total score as much as it will on the SAT.

To illustrate this more clearly, let's look at an example. If I were to score in similar percentiles on the ACT and SAT —with significantly lower Math section scores — you may think my total percentiles on both exams would be about the same. But as you can see below, this isn't the case.


Composite: 28 (89th percentile) Composite: 1180 (69th percentile)

As this example indicates, even if I were to score in similar percentiles on every section of the ACT and SAT (with lower Math section scores on each test), my composite score percentiles would differ dramatically. In this case,my final ACT percentile is 20 percent higher than my final SAT percentile .

my composite score percentiles would differ dramatically.

In other words, if math isn't one of your strengths, you’ll have a better shot at hitting the total percentile you want on the ACT than you will on the SAT.

The two tests also differ in the number of answer choices they give you on Math. Both the SAT and ACT Math sections are predominantly multiple choice. But while ACT Math gives you five possible answer choices (A-E or F-K) for each question, SAT Math only gives you four (A-D).

while ACT Math gives you five possible answer choices (A-E or F-K) for each question, SAT Math only gives you four (A-D).

As a reminder, both tests use rights-only scoring, meaning you’ll never lose a point for an incorrect answer. So if you were to guess on an SAT Math question , you’d have a 25 percent chance of getting the question right. But if you were to guess on an ACT Math question , you’d have only a 20 percent chance of getting it right.

“Definitions,” wedge platform sandals Black Marni Purchase Cheap Price With Credit Card Sale Online VS1knQpaa
, 54

, which make further study and the division of cognitive labor possible.

“The Cognitive Role of Concepts,” Coline Glittered Metallic Leather Slingback Sandals Silver Giuseppe Zanotti Footlocker Cheap Online Sale Discount Outlet 100% Original Buy Cheap Top Quality Free Shipping Extremely Ewpq66qM
, 65

Conceptualization is a method of expanding man’s consciousness by reducing the number of its content’s units—a systematic means to an unlimited integration of cognitive data.

“The Cognitive Role of Concepts,” , 64

It is crucially important to grasp the fact that a concept is an “open-end” classification which includes the yet-to-be-discovered characteristics of a given group of existents. All of man’s knowledge rests on that fact.

“The Cognitive Role of Concepts,” , 66

Concepts and, therefore, language are a tool of cognition— of communication, as is usually assumed. Communication is merely the consequence, not the cause nor the primary purpose of concept-formation—a crucial consequence, of invaluable importance to men, but still only a consequence. ; the necessary precondition of communication is that one have something to communicate ....

The primary purpose of concepts and of language is to provide man with a system of cognitive classification and organization, which enables him to acquire knowledge on an unlimited scale; this means: to keep order in man’s mind and enable him to think.

“The Cognitive Role of Concepts,” , 69

Abstract ideas are conceptual integrations which subsume an incalculable number of concretes—and ... without abstract ideas you would not be able to deal with concrete, particular, real-life problems. You would be in the position of a newborn infant, to whom every object is a unique, unprecedented phenomenon. The difference between his mental state and yours lies in the number of conceptual integrations your mind has performed.

“Philosophy: Who Needs It,” , 5

Conceptual awareness is the only type of awareness capable of integrating past, present and future. Sensations are merely an awareness of the present and cannot be retained beyond the immediate moment; percepts are retained and, through automatic memory, provide a certain rudimentary link to the past, but cannot project the future. It is only conceptual awareness that can grasp and hold the total of its experience—extrospectively, the continuity of existence; introspectively, the continuity of consciousness—and thus enable its possessor to project his course long-range.

“Axiomatic Concepts,” , 57

There are many special or “cross-filed” chains of abstractions (of interconnected concepts) in man’s mind. Cognitive abstractions are the fundamental chain, on which all the others depend. Such chains are mental integrations, serving a special purpose and formed accordingly by a special criterion.


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